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What is Ourghema?

Ourghema is the first Co-working Space in Medenine.

Do you have a Start-Up that you want to work on it, or maybe you just want to study in an adequate environment. OurGhema does not provide only that but it helps you to find a network that can help you to achieve your goals. It tries to AMPLIFY your strengths. Not to mention the events hosted in OurGhema Locally, Nationally and Internationally.   




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Yosser Belghith

CEO, Founder of Ourghema

Yosser is a Tunisian social entrepreneur, a feminist and an activist from Medenine. She was active since her childhood within the Tunisian children parliamentary. She graduated with a bachelor degree of science in business administration and she founded OurGhema, a Co-working space that is working on the youth and women empowerment through fusing a sense of critical thinking, entrepreneurship and artistic spirit. With this space, she aims at investing in the local youth whom have lost hope, by helping them see things from another perspective , providing opportunities and helping them get their voices heard.youth in Medenine.