European Cultural Foundation – Meet the 2017 Idea Makers

OurGhem is a mixture of co-working and cultural space. The latter will provide the tools, workshops and environment for peoples to learn about entrepreneurship, art and culture. This will help to inspire the new generation with an innovative, creative and open mindset. With this new space, we will offer the opportunity for people to BE, to change and to act differently – to taste all of the differences they were afraid of and to understand that it is OK to be different. It is OK to start your own project and not wait for anyone to provide you with a job. It is OK if you want to paint, play music, write novels rather than become a doctor or an engineer…


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2 Replies to “European Cultural Foundation – Meet the 2017 Idea Makers”

  1. I’m interested about the event
    Can I know haw to be with ?
    I go for a camp from a long time

    1. Hi Chaker. Thanks for your interest. In fact this event was in the past.
      You could follow the European Cultural Foundation in their website to be informed about the coming events.
      Good luck.

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